I’m no pro photographer but many of my shots have been used for advertising and promotions for over 30 years. It all started with a Pentax 1000.  My high school photography classes focused on  black & white photos and developing film. It was fun and taught me the fundimentals of shooting photographs. In college, I also shot photos and developed them. Those shots were often used when designing product ad mock-ups for assignments. I have a keen eye for the right frame, angle and lighting. Profesionally, I’ve shot a vartiety of subjects. While working for JayBrake, I built my own lightbox to capture challenging shots of chrome motorcycle parts. Building the apparatus and fixtures to hold the product up was difficult. Fishing line and spring clamps were my salvation. After a round of Photoshop, the images were ulitized in ads, catalogs and websites. A few of the publications included: Hot Rod magazine, Golf Magazine, AIA Publications and Summit Racing.

Some of my latest shot’s were taken with a DJI Mavic Pro drone. I like using HD video for capturing just the right frame.


Ever wonder how they get photographs of products that just seem to be floating in air? I built a custom rig using fishing line and alligator clips. Once I got the right shot, I used Photoshop to remove the clips and rigging.

Photo edit of back support by Greg Culver
Product photography by Greg Culver


I’ve had a lot of fun shooting video and photos with my Osmo Pocket over the years. This puny camera is packed full of features.

Sunset photo by Greg Culver
Osmo Pocket sunset by Hot Wing Designs