Greg and Jenn at Boarderland Festival 2019


Ever since I can remember, I was always drawing and designing stuff. Hand drawing wasn't my strength, but I loved to create fake products and make advertisements for them. My crazy art teacher in high school got me interested in different types of art. I considered graphic design and advertising a way to make money on your artwork, while you were still alive. I knew I wasn't going to be a Van Gogh.

Over the years I found myself working on some pretty cool stuff, both profesionally and for fun.


EBC T-shirt design
Greg and Jenn
HoliMont canopy design
Campus Race Logo


    Let me help develop the mark that will identify your brand.

One Yoga
City Garage Logo


    Frome 3D models to cartoons, I can help create unique images that grab attention.

Wabo SWP