What’s in my head?

Meanwhile, I was dealing was some weird stuff. For about 6 weeks I had a dull headache that would not go away. I started noticing a buzz in my ears and it was becoming hard to concentrate and pay attention to conversations more than a few minutes. At first I thought it was sinus infection. My balance was a little off and I had a few times where I would walk into things. Of course, I kept snowboarding. Once on the board and sliding in my natural atmosphere, muscle memory took over and I was riding just fine. Bending over to strap in caused a little vertigo but nothing that seemed to much more than clogged ears.

When I finally broke down and went to the doctors, it was apparent that something wasn’t quite right. The first test was a nuclear bone scam. It turned up nothing. The PA prescribed some migraine medicine to try and see if that helped mitigate the headaches. It did nothing. I week later I went back and they set me up with Dent Neurological. Snow professional going to see a Dr. Frost. Dr. Frost ordered up the MRI and before I knew what had happened we were talking about a spot that peered at us through the results. Within another day or two we were back at Dent meeting with Dr. Mechtlar, Professor of Neurology Oncology. First reaction, he was pleasantly arrogant. His office was large. The walls were dotted with at least 8 diplomas. There were framed pictures of all the things you could imagine from tennis to travel. This guy was the real deal. 3 large computer screens were lined up on his desk like a video gamer. One was turned 90 degrees to be tall. Jenn was trying to take the lead on the conversation by the doc was not having it. It basically told her to be quiet and wanted to hear what I had to say. That went over like a fart in church. I could see it on her face but the next few minutes he let us know that we should just sit back and let him drive. He jumped on his cell phone and started a conversation. It was the gamma knife guy. The dude. Dheerendra Prasad, MD M-CH, Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology and Director of Roswell Park’s Gamma Knife Center. The conversation mimicked the tone of two contractors trying to fit into each others schedule, on a job site.

I had a few days to digest all of this and wrap my head around the levity of the situation. Sunday morning before the Gamma Knife, there was a trail work day at the Brook. While I couldn’t help a whole lot, it was great to be there and document another great project accomplished by WNYMBA.

Now mind you, this was in the heat of the Covid-19 crack down. Roswell had a couple infected patients, it was all over the news. Dr. Prasad conveyed that because of the virus, there were no staff and the gamma knife room needed to be cleaned and disinfected. Mechtlar acknowledged the virus but then quickly pounced on him and said “ we still have other patients to care for. Get that room cleaned up and let’s get this thing scheduled. On Monday, March 23, 2020, at 6:30am we were at Roswell ready for some gamma rays.