Retail Experience

With over 15 years of retail experience, I have learned the art of dealing with customer's, employee's, vendors and the competition. 


Point of Sale

I have purchased, installed and implemented a retail POS system. UPC code scanning and creation was part of the process in building the product database. Vendor databases were imported to speed the entry of pricing, description and pricing. Monthly performance reports were generated for accounting. Layaways, service invoices and shipping services were all set-up and ran through the system. I created custom sales receipts and forms to be used within the system.



Utilizing space creatively while sending the right message and image is an art form. Using custom built and vendor supplied displays, I have created inviting environments that encouraged sales and interest. Organized space is key and I enjoy fresh designs and use of space.


Customer Service

The most challenging part of retail is customer service. Problem solving while protecting the interest of a company can be challenging. Generating sales through customer interaction is one of my strengths. My success has been due to excellent people skills and superior product knowledge.


Employees and Scheduling

Making sure you have the right employees at the right time can be a retail burden. I have learned to use modern tools to keep schedules organized and staff involved. Hiring people is exciting and training them to succeed is even better. I am pleased to say that many of my employees or subordinates have gone on to bigger and better things.



Buying and selling products is what defines retail business. I have learned how to manage on-hand inventory and limit replenishment costs. Utilizing product close-outs and free shipping incentives I have saved thousands of dollars. I enjoy the process of weighing product features vs price and how it applies to current customer demographics.