Gamma Gamma

You want to talk about a weird experience. Try having a metal cage bolted to your head so that they can later clamp it down to the sliding table in the gamma knife machine. The tech and the doctor jumped into action shortly after the Fentanyl lollipop I had for breakfast kicked in. You ever push a nail into a piece of wood right before you drive it home with the hammer? The bolts into my skull kind of made the same noise as they tightened as the wood splintering behind the tip of the nail. That was the worst part. Honest. The contacts had Lidocaine or something that numbed the areas. They weren’t really sore till the day after. I got a gurney ride to the gamma machine where got ready for the bolt down. One more piece was attached to the apparatus and that was the part that made that prison door like clank as my head and cage clunked into place. One or two slight adjustments, a little Grateful l Dead (by request) on the sound system and away we go. Funny thing is Althea popped on and it Jerry singing. Thanks for that.

Recovery was quick from the procedure. Graham crackers and apple juice seem to work for every nutritional deficit I’ve ever had. Four small round bandages were stuck to the contact points on the 4 corners of my head. Yes it’s square. One was quite the bleeder. I must have looked like Neo walking out of there that day.
Dr. Prasad stopped by and told me what to vaguely expect for the next few weeks and that my follow-ups would tell us what affect the gamma radiation had on the metastases. Hurry and wait.