Corona- Gras

To set my stage for this production, let’s rewind to the week of March 9th, 2020. The tail end of ski season was in sight and despite the inconsistent weather, HoliMont was sitting on a good snow pack. Skiing had been real good all season. There are a few things that HoliMont really nails and snow management is at the top of the heap. Literally. We just wrapped up a 4 day U14 State Championship Ski Racing event which brought racing families from all over the state to Ellicottville. The weather was perfect all weekend and the stoke for spring skiing was in the air. The main office at the ‘Mont was busy with action. Mardi-Gras weekend was coming and right behind that was Canadian Break. The combo-nation of the two events make for a great season wrap-up weekend for everyone. Friday night was the annual torchlight parade. Saturday was lined up with events for the kids and adults who were ready to ski and play. A big sale was planned in the retail store to clear out the slow moving inventory from a mild snow season. It’s a bitter sweet time of year but something we all look forward to.

The whole thing really got kicked off for me by a loud mouth frog in Florida. One social media post set the whole whirlwind in motion for me and my office mates. Rumors of the virus spread had been trickling in . We may have to make some adjustments to our weekend schedule and possibly the end of season plan. Finally the local health board made the announcement that Ellicottville had to cancel the Mardi-Gras parade and that businesses had to reduce their capacity by 50%. Our crews went out and picked up tables and chairs to space everyone out according to the guidelines. The lodge starting smelling like sanitizer and cleaning products as we enacted the cleaning practices suggested by the government agencies.