Let’s Back Up

For those who may not know, back in September I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Now in typical fashion, it had to present itself in an epic way only Jenn and I could appreciate. September 9th I came home and started the preparations for our outdoor wedding ceremony at Sprague Brook Park on Friday. Friends and family would gather and we would camp and ride bikes all weekend. It was going to be great. My best buddy Joe and I were headed to the park Thursday night where we would strike camp and get ready for the activities .
I was loading up the van with assorted tables and all the other junk required to temporarily move your life for 3-4 days. I was having some lower back pain and wrote it off as sciatica. AN hour later I need to head in the house to take a load off. The pain became annoying enough that I need to lay down. Piper kind a shot me a weird look cause I’ve never been one to sit around during the day especially when there was a list of stuff to do. Jenn cam home shortly after and at that point it was clear that I was not going to get any relief from the pain. Off to the local hospital to see what was up. “Classic presentation of Kidney stones is what we have here.” They gave me some fluids and pain meds. “A scan will show us if there are any stones so let’s get that done.” After the scan the doctor came in and said “good news, no stones in your kidney.” But……..

“There’s a dark spot on top of your kidney that looks a little suspect and we’d like to have someone check that out for you.” Next stop, my primary doctor and by Wednesday I was seeing a urologist. Dr. Seereiter from WNY Urology saw me and set me up for high contrast scans the following Tuesday. Cool, I can get through the wedding weekend and then deal with this health crap. I never did make that Tuesday appointment.

Joe and I got to the park Thursday afternoon and set up camp like a couple of carnies who just rolled into town. A small fire and a couple of beers before bed, tomorrow is going to be a big day. First thing in the morning we got to work. The day flew bye and before you knew it the guest were arriving. The weather wasn’t great but it gave us just enough time to pull off the ceremony, hang out and then get up to the camp sites and unpack. Boom, bang bam. The ceremony was perfectly nestled of the single track trail that let you to the Creekside trail. We groomed out rows in the brown and red dead leaves and boarded the lanes with dead-fall limbs. It looked great. Just what we wanted. The party dipped into the early hours of the morning as we shuffled from fire to the cover of the pop-up when it would rain.

The next day, Saturday, I met my college buddy and some family out for breakfast. Stopped home, unpacked, re-packed and head back to the Brook for a for what be a fun group ride. The small heard of bike head out after lunch and we tackled most of the park. No of us wanted to admit it was probably a little muddy to ride but heck, it was my wedding weekend and we had all ridden worse. We meandered back to camp on our steeds and got ready for the nightly routine. The long days and late nights caught up with me an I think I made till about midnight. Off to the tear-drop for some much needed rest.

I love camping mornings. The cool dewy morning with the smell of brewing coffee is peaceful and serene. Looking at the disaster of stuff we had to pack-up I started stirring about. Pancakes, I promised to make the all of the rug-rats pancakes. Sound of life starting popping up around me so I got the pan warmed up and went into full on pancake production. You know that feeling you get when the beer and junk food out weight the good stuff for a day or two? Yeah I had that. Jenn ust have noticed cause she asked if I was feeling OK. I told not the greatest and slipped into the camper to take leak. Worse leak of my life. Straight blood.

The look on my face when I exited the camper must have said it all cause she looked right at me and aksed what was up. Within minutes I was in so much pain I could barely move. After my best attempt to ward off my eventual trip to the hospital, Jenn poured me into the car and off we went.